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"it is so much more than a dress,... it is hope on a hanger."

The Birthday Boutique

In August 2018, Beverly's Birthdays launched our sixth program, The Birthday Boutique, a mobile fashion truck that accompanies us to the group birthday celebrations we host at homeless shelters, family support centers, and community service providers. 

Many of the children we serve struggle daily with a humbling consequence of poverty: inadequate clothing. This struggle was front and center at a birthday party held for Becky, a youth in the foster care system. When Becky arrived at her birthday party, she was wearing clothing that was at least two sizes too small. Becky had been sent to a foster home the week prior, but had returned to the facility by the time of the birthday party. For both these moves, her belongings had been packed into trash bags - and most of her possessions didn’t return in the shuffle. 

No one's self worth should be directly connected to the contents of a trash bagEvery child deserves to have enough clothing AND clothing that fits them. This is not a privilege, this is a right. 

We want youth like Kayla, a 16-year-old girl we celebrated at a recent party, to have the amazing experience of going on the boutique and shopping for items that make her look good and feel good. Kayla asked Beverly's Birthdays for a dress at her recent birthday party --- she told us she had never owned one before. After Kayla received her dress, her caseworker shared with us that she truly transformed into a different person. It was so much more than just a dress for Kayla, was HOPE ON A HANGER. 

A special thank you to our partners: Delivering Good, Kidbox, The Opportunity Fund, The American Eagle Foundation